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“Western Communication Systems, Inc. Dba Wescomm provides detainee telecommunication solutions to the corrections industry, specifically; city and county jails, and correctional institutions. Our service is driven by an understanding of our customers’ needs, derived from twenty-six years of hands-on teaming with partnering clients within the telecom industry. Our product offerings are a direct result of our commitment to technological excellence and our services are driven by our goal of providing outstanding customer service.

While currently servicing detainee facilities throughout the Southern California area, Wescomm is a rapidly growing San Diego based company with technicians servicing the entire state of California. Although our primary focus and our core applications are detainee telecommunications, we offer a complete line of simple coin operated payphone solutions as well (please refer to payphone section). Wescomm offers a complete solution for detainee telecommunications from the installation of our virtually indestructible stainless steel inmate telephones, to call management through the online call management platform. This system provides our clients with the advantage of operating on a centralized digital network that allows for complete on-the-fly, turn-on/turn-off call flexibility. Features include 24-7 offsite call monitoring, call downloading and archiving, call reports for administrative and investigative purposes, and a host of additional operational and investigative benefits. This system is the heart of the inmate communications management solution, and our knowledgeable staff can provide full support from step by step instruction for installation of pertinent software, to training of the web based user interface. For friends and family members of incarcerated individuals, we provide a secure means to assure contact is made, every time; whether it be short-term detainment, or an extended stay in which case Pre-paid calling accounts, and prepaid calling cards may be utilized.

Western Communication Systems Inc. is committed to excellence, and dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. If you are seeking a full service inmate telecomm solution, please give us a call or send us an email today!”

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