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Wescomm specializes in state-of-the-art equipment that will withstand all climates. We are experienced at placing phones in many different types of environments.

Coronado Middle School

This phone is located outside with a
durable aluminum enclosure.

Spreckles Park

With a Colonial style enclosure to fit the ambiance
of Coronado, this is just one example of the many
different enclosures that Wescomm has to offer.

Coronado City Library

Wendy’s Restaurant

This phone features armored housing. Wescomm
recommends this type of housing for high risk areas,
and its Brushed Aluminum finish is easy to clean.

Golf Course

Fully recessed into the wall, these phones
can be mounted outside and inside.
The Brushed Aluminum finish on both the
phone and housing makes cleaning easy.

Zion Center

This is a bank of phones lined up
outside, which is good for high
traffic areas. These phones light
up at night for safety and security.

TTY devices can be installed for the hearing impaired on most indoor phones. All ADA phones meet height requirements and accessibility standards. All phones are equipped with volume control.

Hospital Location

Wescomm is well versed in applying ADA requirements as displayed in this photograph.

Coronado Golf Course

Fully recessed indoor phone, set at ADA height. This phone has a Brushed aluminum finish for easy cleaning.

Pat & Oscars

Hospital Location

Contact Wescomm today to obtain more information about indoor payphone options.
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